You might have read a lot about Daniel Adeninokan and Doris Simeon in the past few days, their case, though, interesting, but it’s gradually becoming one of the movie shot in Nollywood. Concerned fans of the Nollywood actress are of the opinion that, Doris is no doubt, a dunce and seriously need to pray for wisdom for allowing a man to Allegedly take his only son from her with Alleged fake divorce court documents claiming that court has granted him full custody of the baby, David. No court will give custody of a baby to a man when the mother is not insane or deranged. As you read this, Doris has dragged Daniel to court for fresh processing of their divorce case and with the Alleged fake documents her lawyer has possession of, Daniel may be wanted for questioning on the Alleged fake divorce documents. If found guilty, he may have to face the full wrath of law for forgery and obtaining by false pretense. See below the Alleged documents that indicts Daniel. your social media marketing partner