Film director and Stella Damasus' lover, Daniel Ademinokan is making all preparations to please his lover, Stella, the mother of two. The controversial dude who relocated Stella and her two daughters, Isabel and Angelica, has disclosed how his father's brutality against his mother while he was young has made him to love a woman. Daniel whose divorce case with his first wife, Doris Simeon, the beautiful actress is still pending in the court of law has explained the reasons behind his acceptance of the new movie, based on true life, 'When Is It Enough' written by Stella Damasus. Hear him, "when I read her article WHEN IS IT ENOUGH, I could relate with it clearly because I grew up in a home in a family that had love but also had a father who could not control his temper. I witnessed his brutality towards my mother and this story struck a chord in my heart…” © 2013 Click the link below to go to... How Doris Simon Destroyed Her Marriage With S3x--Insider Alleges [MUST READ] Daniel Ademinokan's Estranged Wife Speaks ALL ABOUT DORIS, STELLA AND DANIEL “I AM NOT AS STUPID AS YOU THINK” STELLA DAMASUS REPLIES BLOGGERS AND JOURNALISTS Stella Damasus Marks 35th Birthday…In Love With Ezekiel Has Daniel Ademinokun Wedded Stella Damasus Secretly? PICTURES: Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan what are they Upto? 'Stella Damasus Aboderin' In Fraud Scandal**Stella Damasus Reacts Doris Pounces On Stella Damasus On Marriage Crack** “It`s Fight To Finish For Me and You”--Doris Tells Stella your social media marketing partner