For a long time, Omoni Oboli has remained one of the respected actresses in the scandalous movie industry in Nigeria called Nollywood. I personally admire her courage of being a good role model to many young girls who look up to her. For me, it was like having a Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. In my years of covering Nollywood as a journalist, Omoni is an actress I beat my chest for to be imitated by up and coming actresses. However, a development of few days ago is making me cast serious doubts on this, I mean no harm here, but the truth be told, a lot of people are now disappointed in this mother of three boys because of the event that took place days ago. How on earth would a role model attend a presidential event ‘advertising her supposedly private property’? Is it a strategy or what? I hope some people would not want to start believing her alleged involvement in a scandal that involved a South South governor with the wife of a top Nollywood producer in 2012. I have read several comments on this issue, and trust me, a lot of people never expected Omoni to dress in the way she did to the so-called presidential premiere of her new movie. Haba! I trust Mummy J (Joke Silva) never to dress like that to any event (I guess she would be saying ‘God forbids’). We need more of Mummy J in the industry rather than ‘milk factory advertisers’. I am beginning to ask myself this question, is Omoni Oboli losing focus, is fame getting into her head? Omoni, please consider many people who look up to you and don’t disappoint them. They love and care about you, just like myself. Trust me, I am a huge fan of yours. Once again, I mean no harm to you or your work. Thanks. your social media marketing partner