Music artiste, Wizkid has been loved by many of his fans. Some youths about his age have even gotten influenced by his move to be great at an early age. You would agree that some young guys are even following his style of dressing and sometimes initiate his name. The entertainment industry which is always filled with drama and new trends always coming out, with the help of our celebrities, many Nigerian parents have grounded their children from watching anything that has to do with the circular kind of entertainment. Wizkid, who of course is filled with youthful exuberance, has decided to make use of his youthful days to exhibit different acts that I can’t say whether it is influencing youths with a good character or a bad one. You would agree with me that, many children are so obsessed with these celebrities and they would want to do whatever they see them do. The artiste and father of one have changed his hairstyle to dread and also took a selfie of him smoking. His mouth was filled with smoke, which made his fans ask questions, like, what is he trying to portray? His he really an ambassador to young youths? While others hailed him by calling him ‘badoo’. your social media marketing partner