As a photo journalist, it was fun displaying my camera stunts on superstar actress, Genevieve Nnaji. Her presence on the red carpet turned on my camera light as i captured her majestic steps, scintillating body movements, confident look, and to crown it all, her ‘killing’ postures, which made a perfect outing for me. I cannot forget the paparazzi momentum created by during this experience as I was busy dishing out different angle shots on this screen goddess stepping into the event. The warm greetings from her fans and admirers, her jewellery, foot wear, handbag, and others are unforgettable. It was also a day I discovered and experienced how this multi talented actress loves the Chihuahua dog breed; the way she caressed and adored the pet dog. In simple words, my camera lens was happy to have taken shots of this respected and loved Nigerian actress, who is arguably the best in her generation. It has always been in my thoughts to share with you my photo journalistic experience with this breathtaking actress. your social media marketing partner