The fight against corruption is no more a fight for government as it is now a fight for all. Some Nigerian entertainers have risen up for some time now to kick against the unjust massacre of about 2000 lives in Baga, Borno state. Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo, is not happy with the current situation of the country as she has urged fellow Nigerians to stand up and defend the country. She called on politicians to keep politics aside and put into consideration the many lives that is at stake rather than being forced to move by international community. According to message, “Sad at the senseless attack on the people of Baga. Nigerians must stand together to condemn these acts.” “What about security? When did we become the nation where lives don't matter? Nigeria deserves better. Pray For Nigeria, pray For Peace,” she urged. She advised that, “We Are Nigerians let's NOT become the nation international community has to push before we take care of our domestic matters.” “Let's leave politics for now and focus on Nigerian lives Pray For Nigeria,” she added. your social media marketing partner