Nollywood star, Rita Dominic, has joined her colleagues in the movie industry to endorse President Goodluck Jonathan for a second term in office. According to the actress, the electorates are entitled to vote for candidates of their choices and not forced to exercise their civic rights. She appealed to her fans and Nigerians to vote wisely and not use the elections to end good relationships they have built over a period of time. Rita Dominic, in a short video, explained that she decided to vote for Jonathan in the February 14, 2015 presidential poll because he has brought transformation to the country. She stated that, "Four years ago, we elected a President who believes in the rule of law and the tenets of democracy. Gone are the days when the Federal Government will willfully disobey the orders of the court. For our President, nobody is above the law. "We elected a President that does not use his power to intimidate and harass citizens. This is evident in how vibrant and expressive our press and social media have become during his tenure. Nigerians are speaking their minds without fear, that is a good thing. "So, yes on February 14, 2015, I will vote again for the man who fondly called GEJ because he has shown us that the President can govern humanly. Something that has been rare in our history. I will vote for GEJ because he has supported and involved many qualified women in his government. "He appoints Nigeria’s first female Chief Justice. GEJ also directed that the Air Force starts training female pilots. Now, for the first time in our history, we have qualified Air Force female pilots defending our country. That is progress for women and progress for us all. "For the first time in our 54 years, a woman was appointed minister of petroleum. This same woman has distinguished herself by becoming the first female president of OPEC. This is progress. "GEJ has promoted freedom of speech by signing into law the freedom of information act. This makes public records and information freely available to anyone. No President has ever agreed to sign this bill. "GEJ not only realized the importance of diversifying the economy, but has acted on it by supporting and transforming the entertainment sector with loans and grants. "He has revived the Agricultural sector. Farmers across the country are enjoying the dividend of these transformations. "Even the transportation sector is being transformed. The railway system is working again and goods can be easily transported around the country. "Mr President has achieved these things and many more despite our security issues. Others may have used the security issues not to work, but not GEJ. He stays working. I am voting for him because he is tackling our security and I am confident that he will solve them without support. "I am willing to vote for GEJ to finish the work he has started. So join me let us vote for Goodluck, Sambo on the 14th of February. Forward ever, backward never." your social media marketing partner