Popular Nollywood actor, Odunlade Jonathan Adekola, has blamed the media for some certain stories written about him and his colleagues in the industry which sometimes are not being verified but written just to bring down celebs. Speaking with Ontv, the actor stated that there are some journalist whom he knows very well also live the dirty lifestyle some of the celebs live but nobody can write about them yet they go after celebs private life. “Some journalists do often forget the ethics of their profession due to some factors. But I will appeal to them to always investigate any story before they publish. This is important, because even journalists themselves have their own private lives. I can mention few of them that drink, smoke and even womanise. People don’t know about it because nobody can write about it,” he said. Making suggestion on how the media can be well managed, the actor noted that it is important that there should be an arrangement by body of journalist barring reporters from writing scams about them as celebrities as he does not care what is being written about him. According to him, “There should be an arrangement by a body of journalists in Nigeria to stop the reporting of scams about us and even about other people. The body should remind the media practitioners that only by being positive about the job will earn them good lives and for the good of the society too. It should also be spelt out that it is not compulsory that you bring people down before you are known or before you make it in life. Or does it make sense that you should kill some people because you want to rise up.”
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