A while ago, they was an accusing finger pointed at Terry G, by a man named Adeolasuwe who claimed that his car was in the early hours of today, June 6, 2015, bashed by musician’s Range Rover. Mr. Adeolasuwe alleged that rather than apologizing, the Benue state born ‘Apako master’ reportedly ignored him, left in another car while his boys threatened and made an attempt to beat him up. The embittered man, couldn’t bear the pain and loss as he shared photos of his damaged car on social media where he told his story. In a sharp contrast to the man’s claims, Terry quickly took to his social media page to deny ever speeding off after the accident. “Why will I Gabriel Oche Amanyi, a proud 29 year old father and a devoted Christian hit someone's car and still want him beaten without fixing it up at this point of my life. so unfair," he said. READ ALSO: Diezani: I never stole one kobo from oil money Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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