All thanks to popular search engine, Google, as Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has confessed that she does not know how to cook and had to go online to learn. The actress, who wanted to prepare a popular Yoruba vegetable soup ‘Efo Riro’ for her hubby in the local way, did not know the combinations to use and as such, had to go online to learn the cooking. For ones, the Tonto thanked online writers for putting up some cooking articles which has helped some people who are in the same shoes like herself. In her words, “My local side coming out. Hubby can’t be starved. I had to google up how to cook Efo Riro, amazing result. Thanks to all the food bloggers who on a daily look out for us their receipes. Efo Riro, Starch, Amala, Looks watery but don’t forget a lot of Efo Riro leafs would be added at the end.” your social media marketing partner