Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, has disclosed since playing the comic Jenifa character in her self-produced movie some years ago, she has found it very difficult to be her real self in life away from the set. According to Funke, she finds it hard to live her life as Funke Akindele rather than as Jenifa, which she is well known for. She disclosed her bitterness in fighting within herself to separate her comic character from her real person. “Well, it’s beginning to affect me now, though it wasn’t like that before because it used to be just a movie. "When you give me a script for a role in a movie, I get into it and it takes me like three months to get out of it; it’s that bad because I go really deep into it. "For example, it took me about six months to get out of character in ‘Maami,’ and for ‘Omo Ghetto,’ it took me almost a year to get out of it. For Jenifa, it’s been difficult and no thanks to my fans who always want to see the Jenifa character and not Funke,” she told E-247. your social media marketing partner