Chocolate skinned, tall and slim fit beautiful model and well endowed talented actress, Hannah Ojo has shot her first short film titled, Last Act! The graduate of Human Resources Management from the Lagos State University who has been in the industry for a while is a popular face in so many soap and notable TV series like Emerald, Seekers, Needles Eye, Burning Spears, Clinic Matters, One Life To Live, Edge of Paradise, Living Close To You, and has starred in movies such as I Do, My Story, Wrong Passion, Aisha, Common Man to mention a few. READ:‘I’M NOT READY TO SLEEP WITH ANYBODY FOR FAME’---HANNAH OJO The urge to shoot her own movie, according to her is borne out of the need to take a bold step and see what it feels like becoming a producer, “I’ve been wanting to do my own thing since, though Last Act is a low budget short film, my idea is to break the jinx so bigger things can follow,”, she told us in a brief chat. your social media marketing partner