Celebrated Nollywood actress is presently not happy with the activities of some Nigerian policemen and took to her twitter handle to recount her ugly experience with them. ? There have been countless reports from civilians who have been subjected to inhumane treatment, beatings and abuse in the hands of the officers of the NPF. And since the recurring issue is yet to be addressed by the NPF, Kate had to do her own bit on social media. ?The whole sad scene occurced while Kate was driving through the streets of Lagos and witnessed one of such shocking incidence. The Nollywood actress took to her Twitter page to narrate how the police officers stationed at Ligali Ayorinde caused a gridlock, and yet, proceeded to beat up drivers with their guns.? Her tweets reads; "Shame to the so called policemen and soldiers @ Ligali Ayorinde junction!! Hitting people with guns. If this was a country where we all had guns.. Their brazenness comes from the weapons they use!! One is reeking of igbo.. just carried one young guy who questioned him!! I'm in my car before dem release stray bullet, it's thier way. This is madness!!! Now they have blocked the road and are beating someone!!! Lord!!!! Ligali Ayorinde junction leading to Four points. Traffic jam that they pretending to clear but end up aggravating. Hmmm this my country needs more than prayers. This is just pure evil n intimidation of civilians!! So so wrong!!, she tweeted.
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