Kiki Omeili made the unusual decision to quit the stable profession of medicine for the world of entertainment. Acting has always been her passion, and she went for it without as second thought. Ever since, Kiki has made a name for herself in the industry, featuring over 18 flicks. In a recent interview, she disclosed she practice in front of a mirror, to check her facial expression and that has made her successfully hone her skills. When asked why she quit medicine for acting, she said;“people think I’m crazy but acting is what I love to do. I was always interested in social activities, stage performances, debates, etc. I thought it was something I liked. I was a literature in English prize winner at some point, after I was done with medicine, I realized I still had love for performing. I practiced medicine for a while,but the love for acting prevailed.” However, the actress is still single, and she revealed she is only interested in intellectual men who are also God fearing and independent. your social media marketing partner