One is yet to get to the root of the matter. But the truth of it remains that pretty Susan Peters may have fallen victim of betrayal or that she was duped by a friend or better still, a stranger whom she so much trusted and ever will be willing to stake her life for. Recently, she sent a text message to HVP, alleging that a certain lady, whose name she gave as Becky and who, according to her, squats in her exotic apartment, was a dupe in disguise. In her shocking text message, she said, “Hi ! There’s a girl that has been defrauding people and they are going to arrest her at the airport as soon as she arrives the country. So, you can come around to have the exclusive.” However, attempts were made by HVP to track down the beautiful actress to elaborate on her allegation but to no avail. But in the process, Susan directed HVP to her blog, where she gives a vivid account of her encounter with the dare-devil Becky. According to Susan, who sometime ago went under the surgeon’s knife to have her throat operated on, the dare-devil Becky’s life was marked by lots of irregularities. One, the lady did not only claim to be, “a retired DIG’s daughter that never existed”, but also “that her mother works with the US embassy in the States and that she was formerly married with a daughter in the States,” adding that she divorced her husband because she caught him cheating. That’s not all, Becky, she said, carries about a passport bearing the name, Joy Adams. One morning, she continued, “While Becky was still staying with me, some group of people came knocking on my door, wanting to see her. I told them that she doesn’t stay with me anymore. Then I asked what the problem was. They said she hired their car for a cost of N480,000. I was shocked and dumbfounded, having been informed that Becky had been using their car for a long time now. “Later, things started unfolding. On investigating her activities, I found out that she had been defrauding people. One minute, she tells you her sister is dead and another minute, she’s having a heart surgery. That was not enough. She went ahead to blacklist me before a friend whom I introduced her to. What a wicked act! I only offered to her help out but now, she has paid me evil for good. Susan said Becky, whom she met last week upon her arrest, is currently cooling her feet in an undisclosed police net as she has about N5.m debt hanging on her neck, resulting from her dirty act of defrauding innocent Nigerians. She described the culprit as “an embarrassment to womanhood,” adding that, “ I decided to tell this story to alert the general public in case you come across anyone that bears the name, Becky.” How true is this story? Unconfirmed source say, there is more to this tale of betrayal and duping of people than Susan has relayed to us. As events unfold, we shall keep you posted. your social media marketing partner