Months after the wedding of daughter of Nigeria billionaire,Bella Adenuga to Jameel Disu, the event remain a talk of the town. In an exclusive interview with Ovation International magazine, the couple reveal that the first time that they met was at a party.Jameel saw a beautiful and well mannered lady.Bella told Jameel her name was "Bunmi Marquis". They didn't exchange numbers but the next time they met was at the party of Bolaji Folawiyo and Shaha Israni. It was then they exchange numbers. NFC gathered that Jameel was not aware that Bella was the daughter of Otunba Mike Adeniyi Adenuga, Chairman of Globacom. Enjoy the interview JAMEEL What attracted you to Bella? Obviously, she is a very beautiful lady. We met six years ago and ever since we met, we have been very good friends. We have spent a lot of time together. She is a very honest and sincere person. How did you meet her? Actually, it is a funny story. I came back to Nigeria six years ago. I met her three days after she also moved back. I went out with some friends to a place called Hacienda, on the Island, though it has been closed down now. I think as I was going in, I met her by the door. We said hello to each other and that was it. We didn't exchange numbers. A few days later, I attended a party thrown by Bolaji Folawiyo and Sasha Israni. I went there with some friends and she was also there with her cousin and a friend. A friend of mine met her cousin and they exchanged numbers. We equally exchanged numbers. Since then we have been together. Were you aware then that she is Dr. Mike Adenuga's daughter? No, I was not aware. Even when we first met, I never knew she was Dr. Mike Adenuga's daughter until after about two weeks. Where were you based before you came back to Nigeria? I was based in the United States You were studying? Yes, I was studying. I finished my Masters then and moved back to Nigeria. I went on holiday three months after I moved back. I just got back from my holiday and she just moved back also. When did dating start? Funny enough, ever since we met in June 2004, we have been together since. Which means that both of you have celebrated St. Valentine's Day a number of times Yes Could you recollect a particular Valentine's Day that was very significant in terms of the way you celebrated it I think the most significant valentine was the valentine after we met. It was in Lagos. I took her to a restaurant on the Island. I had the restaurant closed completely for us. There was nobody there just the two of us. I had a special band come out to play and a special song was dedicated to her. It was very intimate and romantic. I think that was very significant. If there could be such a romantic scenario towards the beginning, what then happened on the day you proposed The day I proposed which I think was about two years ago. She always had an idea that I was going to propose, so it was not much of a surprise. Though she did not know when I was going to do it. I had this elaborate plans laid out but at the end of the day, it was not anything too special. We were spending time together and I just felt the right moment in my heart, so, I brought out the ring, went on my knees, and asked her if she would marry me. And she said yes. your social media marketing partner