Screen diva, Genevieve Nnaji, is known for interpreting her roles in movies very well. However, the babe was certainly not acting when she had to run for dear life recently when a hall where an award ceremony was being held went up in flames. According to eyewitnesses, the screen goddess, who attended the event, ran out of the hall as soon as the fire started. Never caught napping when it comes to dressing, the last thing on Nnaji’s mind was apparently not how stylish she was looking as Life and Beat gathered that the lass clutched her dress and shoes in her hands and ran. “In fact, some ladies in a car who met her as she was running, asked her to get into the car, but she said, ‘If only you know the magnitude of the fire, you will not stay here and be stopping me,’” the witness said. Anyway, Genny, who was nominated for the 2011 AMAA, which held same day as the botched award, shunned AMAA to attend the other event. your social media marketing partner