Kayefi is the rumored girl that was said to have been pregnant for the late lyricist, Dagrin, during his burial. Kayefi, 24, born Debora Oluwafunmilayo Lawal has had it rough been underground. The Alapomeji singer told Celebrityworld after keeping mute for almost a year her side of the rumor that almost destroyed her career. She opened up on this while falling into a silent sobs. She also spoke about her passion and where she intends to be in the next few years. Excerpts... What has been happening to you? You just come on and off the music scene? Nothing much. I have been fine and am still fine. I give glory to God. And I have been working and it’s been smooth. Even as you know, sometimes you don't get every thing you need but I am not complaining. And how has it been since you started the music? When I first started singing, I laid down a plan for myself that in the next few years this is what I wanted to have achieve and the level I wanted to be. I am not there yet but I know I will be there soon. And that was what I meant when I said you don't expect everything to happen at once. And when did you start music? I think when I was very little and I grew up into it. I grew up listening to good music and I have a lot of people that I look up to while growing up. Music grew inside of me and I grew inside music so I have been singing along time ago. You have one of the most unique voices around, how are you able to come about that? I did not come about that, because it’s not something you just go into the market to buy. Not like you see people to buy the voices. No. But its Gods gift. Since I was little I figured out the voices and I have worked around it to improve it. How have you been able to keep the voices because I have been around you for about five hours and I know you sing different germs of music with specific voices? One thing is that I have been flexible about music since when I was younger. And I love all kinds of songs, Fuji, juju, just name it. I just sing and it stuck. Who is Kayefi? My name is Debora Oluwafunmilayo Lawal. I am from a family of Six, Mum, Dad and four children. I grew up with my parents and I am the first child. Where? Actually I have had like three different phases. I was born in Ojodu Bagger. We moved on to Agege, to Ikeja and back to Agege again. Then finally to Alagbado. Did you meet the late Dagrin there because we understand that at some point you guys were good friends if not seeing each other? I don't want to talk about that, but we were friends before he died. And schools, which schools did you attended? I went to three schools because of the movement. At first I went to Comfort-Day primary school. Then I went to Ona-Ara primary school at Ojodu bagger again where I went to Saint Nicolas primary school, Ikeja. Then I proceeded to Opebi Grammar school. Then Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta where I did Business Administration and I presently in service in Porthacourt. Would it be right to say that once you leave NYSC you are going into business fully and stop music? Music itself is business. But I am not interested in the business part. The thing is that you just have to be educated no matter what is going to happen, even if you are going to become a painter or carpenter. I am happy I went to school; at least I can encourage my children and people around me to get educated no matter what they might want to do. But the main thing is that music is what I want to do. And maybe later in life when I am fifty I can start thinking of business. And after service what step are you taking towards your music career? Let me tell you first what I am doing now that I am doing while in service. My service will be over by June this year and I hope to have shot three videos by then. Then my album should be by then be either out or almost finished. Can you tell us about the album? Expect a lot of things. Different kind of songs, different germs of songs. Expect Kayefi. You know what Kayefi means. It means something 'Unbelievable'. Expect something big. And where did you get the name from? I got it through the combination of my voice and my looks. I am petit and people don't believe some kind of this big voice could come from me. People say my voice is big and I don't know about it. And that was what brings about the name. What are the challenges like? The industry is very tight as it is. Shooting a good video is very hard to come by and getting a good video director is also not easy. Especially my kind of music, you need somebody that is cool headed. I am actually still searching for a cool headed video director that will shot my videos. Aside that the street is really tough. At some point during the burial of the late Dagrin, there were insinuations that you are actually pregnant for him. You have kept quit for almost a year now about it. What actually happened? Well, where is the baby if I were to be pregnant for him. When you are pregnant, you should be expecting a baby. I wasn't pregnant for him. There is no baby and I still remain whom I am. People should just fill in the gap. And that is why I have kept quit all these while. And were do you see yourself in the next five years from now. Apart from the fact that I will be very big, I have to be bigger in other countries too. All over Africa, all over the world I want to create a land mark. I don't just want to come and go. I want to create a mark all over the world and that is my dream.
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