So.....who battered tess??? RESPONSE TO ALLEGATIONS OF WIFE BATTERING AGAINST ME, DR CHIJIOKE WIGWE, BY MRS TESS IYI WIGWE AS PUBLISHED BY THE STAR NEWSPAPER ON 26TH MAY 2011 THIS IS AN EXTRACT FROM DR WIGWES OH SO LONG AN EXPLANATION.THIS IS HIS EXPLANATION AS TO HOW HIS WIFE SUSTAINED THIS BATTERING ON HER ''Mrs Wigwe lunged at me to slap me. I tried defending myself and indeed my daughter came in the way and as we tussled and jostled around the door to her own bedroom where a massive wooden shoe rack was standing, Mrs Wigwe received a cut. Once she felt blood on her right side of face, Mrs Wigwe used her right hand to rub the blood and smeared her entire face with it. She ran into her bedroom and produced a camera and in the presence of my daughter and I, Mrs Wigwe photographed herself, taking two to three shots. She was shouting that she had got me, and that the whole world was going to see her bloodied face; that she was going to send the picture to Abuja. As my daughter and I tried to push her into her room to prevent her from coming to fight me, my daughter’s hand was caught in the bedroom door and she gasped in pain. Mrs Wigwe also grabbed her phone and called her friend Yvonne to come and take her as she had been injured and bleeding. My son Nelson, who also joined in the effort to restrain Mrs Wigwe, offered to wipe the blood but Mrs Wigwe refused. With camera in hand, Mrs Wigwe ran downstairs and outside the building and for the next one hour was hurling abuses at me and shouting obscenities about me and my family and friends. It took the combined efforts of the Security Guard, the Cook and my son Nelson Ikenna to hold her back and prevent her from re-entering the house which I had now safely locked. In frustration that she could not re-enter the house, Mrs Wigwe who claimed in her report to the Star that she had suffered spinal injury, managed to wrestle with three able men and finally broke loose to carry a flower pot to smash the big glass window of the room we use as gym. She carried the flower pot and threw it at the glass window, shattering it. Not long after, her friend Yvonne arrived and together with my daughter they drove off. No ambulance was needed to convey Mrs Wigwe to hospital. Mrs Wigwe did not first rush to the Police to report the incident and show her injuries to the police. Mrs Wigwe only reported to the police on 27th May! That speaks volumes. She went to the police after people had begun to doubt her story! '' CWWDr Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe Dated this 30th day of May 2011 at Nairobi, Republic of Kenya SO THIS IS THE EXPLANATION FOR THIS PICTURES?I AM SO SORRY BUT I AM NOT BUYING THIS STORY I HAVE SOME OBSERVATIONS come the injury looks dried up but the face still bloody?oh,i believe this lady was beaten up but something does not add up!! Click the link below to go to ... NIGERIAN HIGH COMMISSIONER TO KENYA BATTERED WIFE [Photos] your social media marketing partner