Ini Edo-Ehiagwina doesn’t look like somebody who is bothered by the stories making the rounds about how a top government official spoilt her rotten with public funds. In fact, the Edo-Ehiagwina that attended the lunch President Goodluck Jonathan had with Nigerian youths in Lagos recently was looking hot in her show stopping dress that bared a sizeable part of her breast. Many other actresses and singers, who attended the event, who are even known for exposing some of their vital parts, attended the event looking decent and well packaged. However, sultry Edo-Ehiagwina, who is well endowed in the upper region, decided to show off her assets to the public. Most of those who attended the event said what irked them was the fact that it was a formal event and not one that she could afford to dress provocatively. Life&Beat overheard some busybodies, who couldn’t take their eyes off Edo-Ehiagwina and her dress condemning the actress choice of attire. “This is not a night affair. Besides, this is a lunch date with GEJ. She should have at least, for once, worn something decent. Look at the all the other actresses. She is the only one that exposed her breast,” someone said. Anyway, Edo-Ehiagwina didn’t look as if she cared. She made sure she enjoyed herself at the event and exchanged banter with her colleagues. The controversial actress, who has had so many scandals, is married to an America-based dude, Philip. Click the link below to go to ... What They Wore To Lunch With The President your social media marketing partner