Abubakar Abba here presents the list of Hausa actresses who have been linked with lesbianism in the industry. Excerpt. … She is a light skinned actress-cum-singer. She is being linked romantically with a popular female singer. Her male lover just dumped her like a badly- arranged cards. … Her name is very popular in Kannywood. Single and rich, this actress hails from North-East and her name began with letter k. She was once caught doing it with a former governor's wife. … This sexy actress is very famous in the north. She is also a drug addict who enjoys the unholy act a lot. … Her first name has six letters. She is also light complexioned and sexy. She is doing it with fellow women as well as big politicians. She is presently being linked in romance with a northern deputy governor. … This famous actress recently had her marriage crashed on account of her wayward activities and the expose on the shameful act. Her name starts with letter s. … This black skinned new entrant into Kannywood, is rumoured to be dating a top Aso Rock guy as well as sleeping with a female friend. … She is a controversial actress who is one of those suspended from Kannywwod recently. She was also caught in the act
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