After one year of taking that bold step to relocate from her base in London where she lived with her parents for almost 14 years, and jump start a career in acting, Beverly Naya may not have any cause to regret her decision after all. As it stands today, Beverly has become one of the hottest rising actresses in Nollywood. Hot, daring and focused, she reveals to BENJAMIN NJOKU some of the qualities she wants in a man that will make her to fall in love. My homecoming I think I have done really well since I returned home last year. So far, I have featured in seven movies. They included “Home in Exile’, “Mystery of Destiny”, “Make me a heart”, where I starred alongside Desmond Elliot, Rita Dominic, Jackie Appiah, Francis Duru and the last is due to be released this month. Any regrets I don’t have any regrets in respect of my decision to relocate back to Nigeria from my London base where I lived for the past 14 years. Yes, occasionally, I’d miss my family and my friends based in London. But my career is very important to me and I’m enjoying every bit of it, while in Nigeria. The impression so far I’m impressed with the mind set and the developing of talents in the industry. A lot of practitioners are consistently trying to improve themselves and becoming better off in their chosen profession. That is very important and it remains one aspect of the industry that is worth emulating. My strong point That would be the amazing support I got from my family and the encouragement they gave to me to keep on fighting no matter the challenges. My family gave me the belief, as well as allowed me to know that I can do it, and that I have the ability to become the person I want to become in life. My mother got the role I played in the first movie I featured in, tilted “Home in Exile” and produced by Lancelot Imasuen. The movie really helped to launch me into the industry because since its release, a couple of producers and directors have approached me to star in their productions. How I met Lancelot Imasuen At a point, my mum and I were looking for a talented Nollywood director who understands the industry to help launch me into the world of acting. On a few occasions, Lancelot’s name came up, and we had to contact him. That’s how I featured in his “Home in Exile”movie. Between London and Nigeria London is a wonderful city, just as Nigeria is a beautiful country . There are lots of things that we have in Nigeria today that probably wouldn’t be found in England. So, in its own right, I would say that I left England for something that is not luxurious at all. Our nation is improving by the day, and Nollywood is not an exception. I don’t see my relocating to Nigeria as a tribulation, retrogression or a problem in any way. I will describe the reception accorded to me as being positive. The people in the street as well as the practitioners embraced my homecoming, and I’m happy to be in Nollywood. Modelling and acting I have always been into acting but modelling found me. That’s what I will say. Modelling is something I do as a pastime because it gives me extra money. But acting is my true passion. I started off with acting before I veered into modelling. I have a diploma in Acting while I was in London and I came tops in my class. That was when I realised the huge passion I have for acting. Before then, I never realised I had the ability to act excellently. So after that experience, I started taking my talent in acting seriously. And to realise my ambition, I went back to the university to study film making and directing. For now, I want to act but in future, I hope to go into directing and producing of films. Yes, I have done modelling for Etisalat and Samsung. Living up to my dreams Yes, I am. I think there is so much about me that Nigerians are yet to see. Each day, I’m consistently improving myself; challenging myself in the bid to become the best I can be. Nollywood provides me the environment I need to explode in my chosen career. I don’t give up in my dreams. In as much as I believe in God, I also believe in myself and in my dream. Marriage I mean I’m very passionate about my acting career. I have a goal that I set for myself in Nollywood. Once I achieve the goal, I will be very happy. It does not mean that I will not fall in love some day. It’s inevitable. I have the intention to fall in love someday, but I just expressed the degree of the passion I have for acting. Love will find me one day. How I see myself I’m naturally a very reserved person. I am quiet and I could be shy but once people get to know me they say, I’m funny and something like that. In few words, I will describe myself as a unique personality. When you get to know me , you cannot help but appreciate me for who I am. Beverley Naya and “Beverley” the brand I’m trying to build are two different personalities. By nature, I’m calm and reserved but Beverley is much more outgoing and larger than life. Naya means Ifunanya. What would I like to correct about my life I don’t think there is anything I would want to correct about who I am because I’m the way I am for a reason. My ambition I want to become an international actress who will be inspiring mostly the young ones in our society. I intend to establish a different foundation in future to advance my cause. I also have a desire to become an entrepreneur and please, give me five years from now, and you will see a lot of changes in me. Singing as a career I’m not interested in singing. I usually watch singers and I envy them most times but I’m not a singer. If I ever consider going into music, I will only sing one song that will become a hit and thereafter, I will quit singing. Going back to London God cannot give you what you cannot handle. I know that God brought me into Nollywood for a reason and I also know that I’m into acting for a reason too. So, I don’t think there is anything that will make me to want to return to London or quit acting. My love life I am happy the way I am at the moment. At the right time, I will fall in love. It’s a blessing when I receive compliments from people who admire me. I remain humbled and I try as much as possible not to allow stardom to get into my head. That’s me by nature. I’m never used to compliments but I appreciate such compliments in terms of my beauty, my good looks and my career. My kind of man I like someone who is ambitious and a goal-getter; a good-looking, tall and dark complexion young man. A man who knows how to handle a lady nicely because I carry myself as a lady. I want to be treated nicely by men. I can’t tolerate anything less of this. As the only child My parents have shown me a lot of support and understanding. They feel very proud when they watch me on screen. They want me to get married, fall in love and at the same time achieve my goals in life. I have a positive family and I’m not under any pressure to get married as the only child. At my own time, I will find my dream man. your social media marketing partner