Saying controversial singer cum-actress,Judith Opara Mazagwu has moved on with her life after her failed marriage to her US-based hubby,Boltin Elumelu Mazagwu,is no news. But what will surprise you is that she is allegedly settling down with another moneybag called Kamoru Okiki Aremu. This may be the best times for Judith who is also known as Afro Candy as it looks like an answered prayer to her song titled,”Who go be my Man”. This is exactly how to describe this as she is said to be tying the knot soon with this Ibadan Big Boy who is also the president of Agbekoya Movement Worldwide which has its headquarters in Ibadan,Oyo State. According to grapevine,their relationship of almost 5 months is really waxing stronger by the day,to the extent that they both cannot do without each other Kamoru Okiki is reportedly spoiling Judith silly with gifts and cash. He is said to have acquired a bungalow and a Hummer Jeep for her.Their love started when Afro Candy went to perform at an event organized by the Agbekoya Movement and immediately after her performance which we gathered was electrifying,Kamoru caught the love bug and has been dotting on her since then. She is also said to have a permanent suite in a 3-star hotel now,courtesy of him. It would be recalled that a few months ago,Judith’s estranged husband,Elumelu Mazagwu,came with stories,in the print media and the internet,accusing her and spitting fire about the controversial dissolution of their marriage. He also spoke of the DNA test which revealed that their second child was not his which Afro Candy replied immediately,saying the man was just angry because she left him.Their marriage was dissolved in 2007 and not in 2011,he stated in the story,she said. Judith,a mother of 2 no doubt,is a multi-talented actress who has also performed in a lot of shows both in Nigeria and America. She has featured in a lot of blockbuster movies which include Dangerous Sisters,Living in Darkness,Village Mermaid,End of the Game,Village Girl,Desperate Woman and several others your social media marketing partner