Sultry acress Uche Iwuji is no doubt one of the most beautiful,stylish and most sought after actresses in the Nigeria movie industry,who has carved a niche for herself in the industry,based on her agility in displaying what she knows how to do best,which is acting. She’s one of the actresses that make things happen in the Nigerian entertainment industry,especially in the Igbo movie genre. In a recent interview,she opens up about her marriage plans. She said;Yeah,in our tradition,you have to get married at an early age,but with the kind of explosions in marriages we have and all that,we have to deal with our success first before you think of dealing with another person,so I’m just there;when it comes I go with it and if it doesn’t come on time,I will wait for God’s time,because His is the best. Marriage is something that every girl wants to achieve and if it comes,why not;I will get married and once I get married I will be off the scene for like five years,so as to consolidate my marriage.Because I really need to know what I’m doing in my matrimony.I want to spend more time with my man. Asked if movies snatch most of the time from artistes;she said Yes it does.It takes a lot of our time and so many things and if you want to do movies,you have to think twice before dabbling into it click the link below to go to... ACTRESS UCHE IWUJI FELL UNDER THE ANOINTING. your social media marketing partner