Sensational actress Tonto Dike seems to be sick and tried of the ugly happenings in this country. Apart from the recent removal of fuel subsidy which grounded the country for six days, the controversial actress is decrying the incessant extortion that goes on at the airport in Ikeja, where motorists are compelled to pay between N100 and N150 depending on the size of their cars as toll-gate fare. She sees this ugly practice as an act of wickedness on the part of the government of this country. Venting her anger two days ago on her facebook wall, the River State born actress wondered how wicked the leaders of this country can be. According to her, ” the airport was built with the tax payers money but we are forced to pay between N100 and N150 to go through the toll-gates, depending on the size of your vehicle.” “Some people are even forced to spend the transport fare needed to board a taxi at the arrival of their final destination.” she lamented. your social media marketing partner