Nollywood star,Emeka Ike is one fine actor whom his fans believe is gifted on interpretation of roles and his movies are viewed with great respect and many are proud of him as an Igbo great son.But not long ago,on Monday February 13 2012 to be precise at exactly 7.50pm,Emeka while speaking on Nigerian Television Lagos(NTA) failed to prove that he is truly an Igbo by birth. According to many viewers that watched the Igbo language programme called “Ugwumba” presented by Mike Onovo,Emeka totally murdered the Igbo language as he could not make a complete sentence in Igbo for a minute,throughout the time the presenter interviewed him. Some concerned fans said that it’s a great shame that this Nollywood act whose name is totally Igbo was only answering all the questions put to him in Igbo with what can be termed “Engligbo” (adulterated Igbo with English Language). One of the fans lamented to us that what pained him most was that Emeka is claiming to be holding a chieftaincy title and he is wondering how a star like this should not be ashamed of himself for his inability to speak his mother tongue even when he was on air speaking on important national issues, as it concerned Igbo interest. The fan further lambasted Emeka saying that if the Indians born here in Nigeria can speak their Hindi perfectly like the Hausas who were born here in Lagos,that Emeka had no excuse and that if he does want to lose the respect they have for him should enroll himself into an Igbo language school or change his name for something that has nothing to do with the Igbo language. your social media marketing partner