There are some questions that urgently require answers. On friday 6th of July 2012, Kunle Fatai Soyombo former fiancée of popular actress Toyin Aimaku married his eight months pregnant Fiancéeif one look into this marital issue clinically, you will agree with me that the estranged lovers were just playing chess game with their marriage as none of them was ready or do we say committed in the marriage. Kunle, it has just been revealed that barely five months of her separation with Toyin, she got married to an eight months old pregnant woman, this, obviously, has given him out as cheat. On the other hand, the very controversial pastor’s daughter whose parents in Ibadan were said to have disowned for her immoral behaviour, is not in any way helping the marriage as she allegedly said to be sleeping around. A top paint manufacturer in Lagos said to have been the one who lavished money on her when she was with Kunle. This case has now become unbecoming as there are series of allegations from both parties. Kunle who separated from Toyin Aimaku in March granted interviews stating that he ended the relationship because of her infidelity, and continued by saying he never during the course of their relationship cheated on her. How then did the pregnant of his fiancée come about? Contrary to what Kunle stated in the papers, www.NigeriaFilms.Com reliably informed that Toyin was indeed very faithful to him all through the course of their relationship. From an online report, we gathered that while Kunle was dating Toyin Aimaku, he was dating on the side the lady he got married to. In fact our sources tell us that Kunle connived with his new wife to dupe Toyin Aimaku and dated her just to rip her off her belongings and money. We are told that sometime in December 2011, Kunle lost his mom. Toyin Aimaku visited his family house and saw the new bride there. She however assumed she was probably a cousin or family friend as there was no reason to suspect Kunle of infidelity and moreover she was pregnant with Kunle’s child at that time. She however lost the baby before Kunle ended the relationship. ‘It was from the blues, around March this year, Kunle decided to call it quits, for no genuine reason. Worse still he went away with Toyin’s car a Honda, sold it, then purchased a new car. Yet Kunle went around telling whoever cared to listen that he ended the relationship because Toyin was unfaithful.Toyin refused to make any noise about the incident, and decided to leave it all to God and let sleeping dogs lie. She has since moved on with her life,’ the online report stated. Now, you have read this, you readers are left to pass your judgement or do we say comment. your social media marketing partner