Although controversial 'movie scarce' Nollywood actress is always in the news with 'self' created controversies, but the latest seems not to be one of her media frenzies. The actress has openly cried out to the press and the general public that in case she is no more available to relay what happens to her, they should know what exactly the problem was. In her usual media, the largely endowed actress in the frontal part of her body took to twitter to raise the alarm. From what gathered from her tweets, Cossy claimed that one of her tenants' brother named Mike Augustine allegedly stole her laptop after she had given him to repair for her. "Mike augustine, a brother to my tenant stole my laptop while doing some electrical repairs. Got him arrested and his friends [have] been on my case, the reported daughter of a pastor, Cossy, tweeted. Apparently moved by pleas or threats from his (Mike) friends, Cossy stated that she released the man. This Cossy confirmed with these tweet, "[I] am threatened, I have released him but [I] won't close the case. But just in case something happens, the list of names is in my BlackBerry group. "I feel better and a lot lighter. It's not for press but like a back up. In case I come to harm way. In case am not available to tell the story. "They say when you eat with the Devil, use a long spoon. But when the Devil lives in your house, pray and point fingers in case," Cossy completed her series of tweets. When contacted Cossy on phone to get more details of the story, her numbers known to us were not reachable as at press time. your social media marketing partner