What could be described as ranting by some Nollywood producers and marketers over the recent ban threat on delectable star actress, Mercy Johnson seems to have ended on a silence note. This hit is coming on the heels of Mercy’s incomparable and unique style of acting, which most film investors are yet to be done with has silenced most producers who can’t afford her worth. Precisely, the mother of one could currently be cited at a location in Enugu rolling another thriller movie with sensational actor, Ken Erics. Meanwhile, the most enthralling part of the whole story is the revelation made available to us by a source in Enugu who opined that before the ban threat was made, Mercy had been at the Coal City for over one month shooting movies back to back following the high number of yet to be shot scripts heaped for her. “Right now, Mercy Johnson is begging on producers to patiently wait while she wraps up some on-going jobs in hands. Better still, most producers are adding figures to have their jobs done first, but she is duly managing them well based on first come, first serve”, our source disclosed. Also added by another close source to Mercy Johnson, “some producers are also going through Ken Erics to influence her, as at last time, she said the actor makes her job easy, as he is naturally endowed with talent.” By Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor/Nigeriafilms.com
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