Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s S.S.A on Public Affairs, Chief Doyin Okupe, has come under an attack for his comments on the late South African President, Nelson Mandela. The attacker was a shocked Nigerian who monitored Okupe’s twitter posting three days ago. What Chief Okupe posted on the twitter, was, however, replicated during a live interview he had with AIT on Dec 6th, 2013. Commenting on the death of Mandela, Okupe who acknowledged that, indeed, Nelson Mandela was a great leader, who he lived his life for the people of South Africa, stated rather incredibly that “I have checked through the history of Nigeria, among our past and present leaders, the only one we can call our Mandela here in Nigeria is President Jonathan...” Expectedly, aside the condemnations that greeted Okupe’s statement, the fuming Nigerian returned to twitter and fired the salvo at the President’s man. “U r a baaastaaard…” he had reverted simply. Do you share this guy’s sentiment? your social media marketing partner