Soundcity’s VJ, Moet has lately been in the news for the wrong reasons. A little ago, it was reported that she was in a compromising video that found itself on the internet. She vehemently refuted the reports, but they have failed to die down. Also recently, she was picture with a Shisha, which was becoming an object of publicity stunts by Nigerian celebrities in 2013. Those who reacted to the picture of Moet smoking Shisha tagged her as a ‘smoker’, but the co-presenter of Adams has berated people calling her a smoker. In a recent interview, the controversial On-Air-Personality expressed her sadness on the issue of her being called a smoker. She said, “now for the record, I am not a smoker. Smoking shisha was all I did when I went on holiday. Shisha is all part of middle-eastern culture and I will not apologise for trying something that is in no way harmful to my health. “When I get such reports or stories about me, I get very annoyed because blogs love to blow things out of proportion. Smoking shisha in no way puts me into the category of having a smoking habit.” your social media marketing partner