Weeks after OAP Toke Makinwa and her boo Maje got married, which Toke claimed was a surprise, someone from the inside has come out to contradict the claims that Toke had a surprise wedding, Wonders shall never end oh! In a recent episode of Moments with Mo, Kumbi, wedding dress designer of Toke Makinwa and owner of APRIL BY KUMBI, contradicted Toke’s recent claims that her wedding came as a surprise. We could recall what Toke said two weeks after the wedding on facebook, Toke said after the “surprise wedding”, in her own words: ”"We would have loved to have all our loved ones there with us but this was our registry and so much had happened between Maje and I in the last 3 months. Plus, it was such a huge surprise, I had no clue. I hate surprises but I must say, this one knocked me out of my elements because I usually suspect something is happening. Hehehehe! I am not fully over it yet.” The wedding dress designer, Kumbi said that Toke called her three days to the wedding and asked her to design a wedding dress. She said Toke called her up and said ”I’m getting married”, ‘she asked when and Toke said, ”in three days”, so she (Kumbi) had to work towards a short deadline. Who is deceiving who? If Kumbi is being economical with the truth, what does she hope to achieve from it? If Toke told lies to the public, what impression did she hope to create. If it was an honest mistake, I think Kumbi should have confirmed from Toke before granting an interview concerning her
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