Following reports that popular Nigerian singer and entertainer, Terry G was involve in a public brawl in a hotel in his Iju neighbourhood in Lagos, the ‘Akpako Master’ has now come out to clear the air and also express his anger on the issue. The music dude, who was recently unveiled as a Peace Ambassador, revealed that he was shocked that anyone would strive to taint his image at this point in his career. He reacted to the allegations via a statement which reads; ‘Right now, I am not happy at the reports circulating on social media. Yes, I do crazy hit songs, Yes I say I am crazy, Yes I act crazy in my videos, I do all that for the money. In my saying, it’s better to be a mad man making money than a handsome nuisance. Why on earth at this point of my career will I be involved in such? "I am not writing to convince anyone. Every lovely Nigerian is entitled to their own personal opinion. I might have a thick skin as a celebrity but I am also human. I have blood flowing in me and not engine oil. It’s only natural to feel bad when such stories are not true. Is it wrong for me to settle a misunderstanding between two parties without waking up in the morning to see such headlies and (not headlines)? Will I at this point swim at a public hotel without paying? "My darling Nigeria bloggers, you have played a positive role in my career right from my RnB days to this day. Please, always try, not only on my behalf, but to my other colleagues to confirm any story from both parties before publishing. My energy is for entertaining my fans worldwide and not for street brawls. Life is for the living. Make the best of every moment. "God bless Hon Peace Ambassador Terry G, God Bless my fans and God bless Nigeria. PRA!!” Click the link below to go to... Im Not In A Hurry To Marry-Bimbo Akintola Pregnancy Rumour Trails Funke Akindele**No, It's A Movie Picture Not Real Pregnancy--Insider Helen Ukpabio Tackles T.B. Joshua Aki & Paw Paw see me as threat -Ibrahim Musa ANNIE MACAULAY IN LOVE TANGO IN USA your social media marketing partner