Nollywood actor and model, IK Ogbonna, has thrown up a challenge and has asked anyone who can prove he has had a romantic affair with to speak out. In a recent interview, the handsome actor debunked claims that he is not straight. He also said that though he likes women a lot, but he controls his urge to have them. Ogbonna said he will definitely need someone in his life, but not a man. He challenged any man to come out face-to-face with him to say he (Ogbonna) ever had any affair with him. “So far so good, for the little time you have spent with me, you have already have your own assessment about me, I can't be the one to do that myself, but the greatest thing is that there is nobody that will come to me face-to-face that I have slept with his or her mother before, or a guy will come to me to tell me we had something together. Yes I'm someone that likes women, but it is controlled. So for me I control my urge whenever it comes to women, I'm more of a business focused person in whatever I do,” he said. He added that even his ‘jigolo’ roles in movies are not his doing but a clear interpretation of the scripts and orders by the director." “In Nigeria, people have stereotyped roles actors and actresses play in a movie. In most cases they will look at a role you played before and want you to continue it that way. For me, when you look at me, you see someone who is flashy, what kind of role will you give me as a producer, it does not mean that I cannot play any other role, with makeup, I can wear a new look because everything is a character you want to interpret,” observed. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... IBRAHIM CHATTA’S FIRST WIFE CRIES OUT, ‘HE ABANDONS ME AND HIS SON’ POPULAR ACTOR, IBRAHIM CHATTA WEDS SENATOR'S DAUGHTER ACE FILMMAKER CUM ACTOR IBRAHIM CHATTA BEATEN TO A PULP Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta Explodes ''I Am Not A Gold digger'' IBRAHIM CHATTA’S FIRST WIFE CRIES OUT, ‘HE ABANDONS ME AND HIS SON’ ‘He Beat Me Till I Lost My First Pregnancy’ – Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta’s Ex Reveals “My ex-wife slapped me and I hit her back” –Nollywood Actor, Ibrahim Chatta your social media marketing partner