It is gradually becoming a trend for Nigerian celebrities to show off their domestic staff on the internet through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where they have numerous followers. This act has already been kicked against by some Nigerians, who expressed dismay over the use of the word ‘maid’ to describe these celebs’ domestic workers. To some who have commented on this trend, posting pictures of house helps on the internet and tagging them as ‘maids’ could dent the employee’s image. A moment ago, Lola Omotayo, wife of Peter Okoye of P-Square, shared a picture of her domestic staff with Jermaine Jackson, who is in Nigeria for P-Square’s sixth album, and wrote, “our domestic staff too got to meet Jermaine Jackson. I love my staff.” This got mixed reactions, resulting into Lola deleting some ‘harsh’ comments and even unfollowing some of her followers who lashed out at her over the act. Tonto Dikeh had earlier sparked hot criticisms after she posted a picture of her maid on the internet, stating that the young maid wore her (Tonto) designer sandal to write a Post-UME. In her words, “my daughter/maid off for exams today in my Gucci sandals.” Some have raised the question that posting these pictures on the internet could endanger the lives of these staff, who are mostly young girls. Also, it was argued that it could have a future negative effect on these ladies, whose self esteem might be brutally murdered later in life. If Tonto Dikeh’s maid eventually gains admission into the university, her peers might begin to address her like a maid, because Tonto has already exposed her identity and has even told millions of Nigerians that she (maid) works as a maid and wears the actress’ dresses, which might demoralise the young lady and make her dejected. Who knows, if she could take nasty action if the embarrassment is not longer unbearable. Trust university students, they know how to sniff life out of someone. Also, her family might have concealed what their daughter does for a living from many people in order to protect their image, but with the announcement by Tonto, they might now be ridiculed because Tonto may have exposed ‘their lies’. One of the questions begging for answers is ‘must these celebs show off their domestic staff on the internet? your social media marketing partner