What is the essence of the social media? You might be tempted to ask with what some Nigerian celebrities have turned the platform to recently. Not too long ago, Facebook marked its 10th anniversary. What was once a platform for Harvard students’ body has rapidly become a place where billions of people interact and share intimate parts of their lives for all to see. Apart from Facebook, there are others like Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram, We Chat and more and they have now become like a club house. With the influx of social media platforms, while some have used them to better their lives, some Nigerian celebs have chosen them to flaunt their wealth for all to see. Some have even used the platforms to rain insults on their fans. These abuses by the supposedly role models have caused many to question the impact of these platforms. Many Nigerian celebrities have been slammed for displaying their wealth on the internet, but they have backed their decisions to do that. In the words of singer, Davido, “I don’t call it flaunting of wealth. It is my car, my money and it is even my page. You don’t have to follow me on my Instagram. You don’t have to follow me on the social media. It would have been different if I was advertising all this on a billboard. I am not doing that.” On the part of ‘Limpopo’ crooner, Kcee, “I just like to express myself and that is why I flaunt what I have on social media. Even American celebrities do the same. If they buy new things or they are going anywhere, they put it on the social media. It is just a way of keeping the die-hard fans and real followers informed of what you are doing. It is not a problem neither is it an issue but for those criticising. I feel it is normal. “No matter who you are on earth even if you are a pastor, people would criticise you. Even Christ was criticised, so who am I? I don’t care about what they say, all I care about is what I am doing which is my music. As far as I am doing my music well and it is still putting food on my table, I don’t care. What I do is to learn from what my fans say especially if I feel I am doing something wrong and they caution me.” 2Baba, while also airing his view on the issue, said, “It is a matter of choice and they do so for different reasons. Some people have it but they don’t care so they flaunt it. Some people do it so that others would think they have it and they probably feel insecure thinking that people would not respect them if they don’t have it. Some people probably do so to invite robbers to their house. So it is a matter of choice. “I don’t do such because I believe whatever I am would speak for itself. I would not fake anything or flaunt anything; I don’t have anything to prove. If I have it I do and if I don’t, I don’t.” Do you agree with Davido, Kcee or 2Baba?
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