Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Godswill Akpabio, has disclosed that he cannot wait to receive the great football legend, Pele who last visited Nigeria during the civil war and everything was put on hold because of his arrival. is definitely ready to bring more speeches as it listened to Governor Akpabio explaining that there is every possibility that if the football star comes to Nigeria to honour the new stadium, the whole insurgency would be put to a halt because of his presence. The event which was supposed to be an inauguration ceremony of the new stadium, turned out to be a stage of comic political advert which turned the crowds into continuous laughter but the governor promised to hold back some successful achievements of the current government as he sees it as a story for another day. The Governor further boasted that the challenges Nigerians have been facing has been because of poor training facilities but urged the world to watch out as the country will soon produce future Serena Williams and athletes that will win Dollars and bring to share with their Governors. As the state stood still with the presence of Nigeria's President, Goodluck Johnathan, Ghanaian President, Cote d'Ivoire President and former president of Ghana, Jerry Rowlings in attendance, the new stadium has recorded it in history that Governor Akpabio is the first person and Governor to score a goal in the stadium. your social media marketing partner