Former beauty queen-turned talk show host, Nike Oshinowo has been in the limelight for a very long time. And the media has also often feasted on the personal affairs. Many know about her last relationship with her former husband, Dr. Tunde Soleye but Nike hasn’t talked much about her afterwards relationships in a long time. However, the gorgeous 48-year-old talk show host of the soon to start ‘Late Night With Nike Oshinowo’ flared-up in a recent interview when she was asked what went sour in her relationship with her ex, Dr. Soleye. Nike went on the defensive, turning the table around before finishing up with an explanation. She fired: ‘Do you have a boyfriend, what’s his name? How far with both of you? How long have you been together? Do you still have sex? I’m literally interviewing you for my late show now. You’ve kept quiet, what? Is it too personal? It is your private life? That’s how I am too. I am entitled to my privacy."© your social media marketing partner