Social media banters has hit Nigeria’s adored singer, Paul Okoye after he posted a picture of girl who attempts to use scissors to cut her stomach in a bid to reduce fat. The said picture is actually a painting done by someone somewhere and after posting the picture, the singer captioned it thus, “Fool.” But he was not given a breathing space as he was immediately attacked by a fan s who questioned him over his choice of words. Tinahjo: This is very powerful image Paul, I don’t think she’s fool. She’s very insecure, disturbed CHILD that needs therapeutical help. Her_royal_lordess: It’s just a painting…common Lelemaboy: your caption comes across as the typical example of judgement before understanding Temi34: This meaning of the picture is to illustrate how society wants females to look like and the effect it’s having on young girls. It isn’t ment to be funny. She is obviously not going to cut herself but there are young girls who would starve themselves just to look like the woman people like you portray in your music videos and in magazines. Bellisimaa007: can’t believe you just said that @rudeboypsquare pumpkin_bae: The picture is about the pressure from media perfection and how it affects young people who might not be as "perfect" as the magazine people. We all go thru this. I mean, u'll see how many celebs are skinny and dressed with the best clothes, balling and living a life we all want. Sometimes it makes us do things we ordinarily will not have done. But i think we should all just try to work hard in every way and be content without doing extreme things that might hurt the people around us. Nwanky: your comment is out of place! I dare if your wife was ‘fat’ like this gal you wouldn’t have married her and probably she will be a fool in your eyes too @rudeboypsquare o come cavolo ti chiam! 0 sensitivity© your social media marketing partner