To be separated from one's own child for years could be very hurtful for a parent and when such parent has the ‘rare’ opportunity to reunite with the child could mean the whole world. Even the prodigal son in the Holy Bible was received with joy when he returned to his father after many years away. For Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, seeing her son, who was taken away from her by her former husband, was a moment she will relish for a long time. She could not hide her joy seeing her boy, Daviid again. Doris and Daniel Ademinokan parted ways few years ago after they had issues in their once sweet marriage. Daniel took their child to the US with Stella Damasus, who he is allegedly dating at the moment. Doris shared a picture of herself with her son while on vacation in the US and captioned it, “My Orobo…smileawayursorrow #alotbehindthesmile #Godlove #Godsgrace.” There had been outcry that Daniel should return the boy to his mother even if he wants to go with another woman. your social media marketing partner