Widower of Nigerian gospel artiste, Kefee, Teddy Don Momoh, has continued to show that he loves his wife despite death snatching her away from him. The hairy media guru spoke on what he learnt from his late wife when she was alive. "Kefee is someone that is always busy every minute. She's always like I want to do this, I want to do this. Maybe she just knew that she wasn't going to stay that long. She always wanted to achieve things. Thanks goodness, she was able to live things that I can actually work with now. "One thing I learnt from her was that whatever is it that you have to do, the moment you have is now. Whatever you have to do, don't think about tomorrow, just do it now because tomorrow is not yours," he said. Late Kefee got married to Teddy Don Momoh in 2013 in Delta State after her first marriage with her former manager-cum-husband, Alec Godwin, crashed.
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