Call him a sex-symbol and you are not far from the truth. Since winning the maiden season of MTN Project Fame West Africa, Iyanya Mbuk has been a consistent hitmaker, who has stirred lots of controversy with his romantic relationships with female stars in the likes of, Yvonne Nelson and Tonto Dikeh. The multiple award-winning star who always flaunts his sexy body and abs on social media in a recent interview maintained that after his experience dating the sultry Nollywood actresses, he has made up his mind to steer clear celebrities when it comes to love and romance. "Yvonne Nelson is an amazing person, but I would never ever in my life date or have anything to do with a female star. I am not cut out for that kind of drama." If Mr. Oreo won't date a female star, then what kind of woman does he want to settle down with. "A good woman is a good woman. You can’t just sit and say this is the kind of woman I want. Some people think the best place to get a girl is in the church; meanwhile, you can get the wrong girl in the right place. Sometimes, I am worried about getting the right woman to marry because of my status. I have had one or two women come into my life and act like they are something. The safest thing to do is marry someone you have known before you became a star." He also gave reason why he shows off his sexiness on social media. "Sincerely, I don’t show off. Anybody that thinks I show off is suffering from inferiority complex. The only people that think I show off are those people that think they could be me or people who wish they could be close to me but can’t be. Maybe they like me too much and don’t want to agree they like me that much. These same people spend hours admiring the posts I put up. That is what social media is for. It is only in Nigeria that people have a problem with you posting pictures. While you are complaining that I am posting too many pictures, a true fan is admiring same and considers me as a mentor. Believe me, a lot of people think they know me, but they don’t." your social media marketing partner