Lizzy Anjorin is a Nollywood film maker and actress is a television beauty in the Yoruba movies since her breakthrough years back. With a rare business prowess, she runs her profession, foundation and life effortlessly. Recently, she 'broke' the internet when she quoted to her said she can never marry a poor man which she has come out to deny. She said many people do not know she is a practicing Muslim and can marry a christian. She revealed that her greatest fear is poverty, which is why she runs her business alongside every of her many other sides. She said, "Well, that has to be the assertion of people who don’t know, because those close to me know that I work like a broke girl. What I fear most in my life is poverty. It scares me even more than death. So, I work like my life depends on it. "Even when I’m on location, you can hardly see me lounging. I run my business alongside anything I’m doing, because all the profit that accrues from the business is always re-invested into my film projects. This is why my films are always unique and of better quality in every way." She expressed her opinion about the need to live one's life to the fullest despite all odds. She said living in certain places while most of her colleagues lived in choice environment did not bother her. "Nobody really cares about how I live, but there are a few journalists who know me and can attest to the way I live," she sai your social media marketing partner