John Agoha is not an everyday guy. He is a designer, singer, song writer, model and also a good cook. He was at Star Quest competition in 2006 and his group known as SQB was the first runner–up and since then, he has been soaring higher as well smartly combining music with his other business. In this interview with, the Imo State born ‘Omalicha’ crooner bared it all and as well revealed his yet to be quenched lustful desire for Nollywood super star, Genevieve Nnaji. “Seriously, I don’t need to take my bath to do anything with her. I can’t wait to have on my bed,” he gushed. Excerpts: Give us an insight about yourself? My name is John Agoha. I was born and raised in Benin City; I started singing from the church choir. Then from the church choir, I got discovered and attended a music school called Benjuck Showbiz Academy. I started music professionally in 2006. The first time I collected money was 2006; N200,000 from a show I did with Star. Tell us about your journey into music industry? I started officially from Star Quest. I went for the audition and I was picked out of five thousand people from Benin. From Benin, I came to Lagos, we did contest and I was the first runner-up. Then after Star Quest, there was this contest in South Africa called Music Jamboree- what they do is that they tell you to send acappella online. I sent mine online, they liked it and I was the only guy that was picked from Nigeria. I attended that concert and I was the first runner up. A South African girl called Benga won it; the concert was done in East London, Cape Town then Johannesburg. I came to Nigeria and started my music career. I released my first single through Shaka Records titled Omalicha. The first time I did my first video, the song was on the lips of everybody in the East. It did so well especially Port Harcourt. After Omalicha, I did ‘Selense’ which was my second video. What was your experience in the competition? My experience was that I was like the rejected stone in the house. Everybody was like this guy is coming from Benin. Nobody understood my style because at that time I was doing highlife music and everybody was doing hip-pop, R and B. I got to a point where everybody has chosen their band and it was remaining one person to complete the band, I was the only person that has not been included in a band. I was eventually included in the band. It was my song that saved them; they were supposed to be evicted. Why didn’t you guys become the winners? We were the problem because on the night to the final, we were supposed to do my song. But the other vocalist insisted that his song should be done because he was like the leader of the band. We did that song, the song was boring and a lot of people didn’t vote for it. How early did you launch your music career? I started early, someone who went to Star Quest at the age of 20. I think he started early when you talk of Nigerian age at least 20 years because at that time you didn’t have 20 years coming into music. After the Star Quest what did you go into? I’m a business man, I love clothing. I’m trying to have a clothing outfit. I was doing more of fashion consultancy. I started modelling then when I was in Benin, I do what we called pin-up modelling though I didn’t do the runway modelling. I did a lot of political jingles for IBB when he was contesting. I had a client, a law firm in Abuja; Apata Law Firm. They were the one giving me the job because they into showbiz. First I loved modelling more than music but it was Star Quest that made me fall in love with music. Has anyone tried to discourage from going into music? A lot of them; friends, pastors, and the relationships I had in the past they wanted me to quit. So you mean you have dumped a girl or girl dumped because of your music career? Yes, I have walked away in a relationship because she didn’t like what I was doing. She felt I should be in business; get a job in the oil company, or work in the bank. She felt she could introduce her man better as someone who is a banker but that is not in my nature. How can you describe you kind of music? My kind of music is Afro-pop. But the best music I love is Jazz; I do jazz a lot, that is why I’m trying to get a lot of people to write jazz for me. And anytime I’m writing, it falls into jazz. Which artist in the industry has influenced your kind of music? No one really because when people ask me if I have a role model, I explain I don’t have any. There is no one I’m looking up to, I want to be me. Of all the female artists in the country like: Tiwa Savage, Omawumi, and Waje. Who do have a crush on? I love Tiwa, in terms of vocal power- Omawumi, in terms of soul- Seyi Shay. If I would want to work with any female artiste, then it will be Asa because she has that jazz feel that I love. I would like to work with Asa. What is the source of your inspiration? Things around me, I think I get inspiration when I want to. Once you are inspired, what do you do? I pick up my pen and I start writing. The industry is full of talented artistes, how do you think you will break into highly competitive industry? It is very simple. Have good songs, do the right promotion. To get into the A-list clique is not a difficult thing because in Nigeria, to do music now is the simplest thing. Music in Nigeria is simple, it’s just that in terms of the financial aspect, if you don’t have money, (because music in Nigeria is about money) forget it. What are the challenges you are facing right now? Finance, money; if you have money, in 90 days, you can be everywhere. In the music industry, you can be household name if you have the money. Are you single or married? I am single. Are you seeing anyone currently? (Laughs) No one yet, I’m still searching. Talking about selling your soul; has anybody approached you from the industry about it I don’t know and nobody has approached me, but I know such things happen but I don’t believe in it because I believe it takes God to make success and also to sustain it. Who is your ideal woman when you want to settle down? I like a woman with nice ass and [email protected] Petite woman like Genevieve (Nnaji), I don’t get attracted to tall girls. If you are in a closed door with Genevieve, what would you do? Man! I don’t need to take my bath to do anything with her. I can’t wait to have on my bed. (Laughs) Have you seen her one on one? Only in an event where we just said hi, and everybody moved on. Why haven’t you summoned up courage to talk to her? You know the level of class distinction in Nigeria which I see as poverty of the mind. In abroad, you can approach any woman you want to approach and she doesn’t see it as an insult, but here in Nigeria, the reverse is the case. Is marriage still far from you? If I meet the right person this month, I will get married tomorrow. Why do you prefer women with nice ass and [email protected]? That is what turns me on. Which of your songs is being played on the radio now? There is a new one; ‘Go Down’. It is doing well on Wazobia FM, Beat FM, Naija FM then Rhythm 93.7, though they are not playing it much but the other three are. What is the message in the music? It’s talking about me, an excitement song. There is another one coming out soon called ‘Chocomolo’. In the next five years, where do you see yourself? Five years is too much. In the next one year, you’ll see me becoming one of the A-list artistes. My dream in music is to win a Grammy. What are the steps you are taking to achieve this? Hard work, I will do my part and I know God will do his. Which artiste do you wish to have a duet with? I will like to work with Tuface. I’m planning to do something with him but he is busy right now. your social media marketing partner