Recall the Reverend who said he would not give Holy Communion to his church members who did not have permanent voters card (PVC), Rev. Uma Ukpai, President of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Ministries, well, the reverend has explained why he made such a decision in the church. Speaking with Punch, the Rev. Noted that in as much as everyone wants a God fearing leader to emerge as the president, it is the civic responsibility of his members to have the pass that will enable them cast their vote. The preacher said aside his church, he continues to say that anywhere he goes and he makes it mandatory for people to have it. “My job as a preacher is also to inform and educate people. I need to notch and urge them to do what would be beneficial to the nation and to them as individuals. An onlooker is powerless in the storm of life. We are praying that anyone that loves God should win the election. We are praying that those who do not love God and the church should not win. It will become possible if we are active participants and not observers. That is why I said it and I am still pushing it. I do not only say it in my church, I say it everywhere. It is a must for us. It is our civic responsibility to express our decisions with our votes,” he said. Recalling his past life before his encounter with God, the reverend revealed that he has done some many things in the past that he cannot spit out because they were so bad and he never thought he could leave this long to tell his story. The 70 year old reverend recalled how he had to punish his father for always beating him over his wrongs and would get a live lizard and drop it inside his cup for drinking water. According to him, “In a way, I am grateful. I didn’t know I would live this long. I was born with nuisance value. At the age of nine, I was already an established criminal. I would go to school with a snuff box and if they were teaching a lesson I didn’t like, I would blow air into the snuff box and the air would carry the tobacco into the classroom and that would be the end of that lesson. I would sneeze with everybody and I would cough with everybody. I was very stubborn.” your social media marketing partner