Wunmi Toriola is an actress in the Yoruba film industry who many regard to be one of the actresses with the biggest backsides. They claimed her backside is one of those that cause involuntary reactions from male admirers and colleagues. Whether this claim is true or not is what Nigeriafilms.com has not confirmed, but you can bet that this is what is being said in the industry. What makes her ‘arsenal’ special and captivating is that she didn’t enhance it with any surgery or pads and when she passes by, eyes are always on her. Even some of her colleagues envy her because she takes the shine off them. In a chat with Punch, Wunmi revealed that there used to be a time she was not happy with her ‘asset’. "Before now, I used to be very embarrassed but I am getting used to it now. I am always conscious of my figure and like I said earlier, I want to leave some things to be imagined,” she said. Speaking further, the actress said, “I do not want to show everything to everybody and make it look as if it is just common. The fact that I have it does not mean I have to put extra pressure in order for it to be noticed."
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