Surely, Nollywood actress, Mide Martins, has developed a thick skin to negative stories that have been written about her in the media since she got married to a movie director in the Yoruba film industry, Afee Owoh. Not many people had expected the pretty lady to settle for Owoh as husband because he was well older than him in age. In fact, the man was his late mother’s manager. While alive, Afeez Owoh was also a close friend of Funmi Martins. But not too long ago, rumour had it that Mide had left her husband, but she came out to vehemently deny the speculations. The actress explained why she married her husband, saying the man was by her side when her mother died. She further said at first, she had no romantic feelings for the man, but that as time went on, it developed. READ ALSO: PDP moves against Fani-Kayode, orders probe of ex-Minister She told YNaija in an interview she granted the platform few months ago that, “It is a normal thing for one to develop affection and feelings for someone who is always there for you, especially the person that was really of help when no one was there. “My husband was the only person that was there for me during this period and that’s one of the reasons I fell for him. “And then I love him actually. He was my mum’s manager before she died but before she died we were best of friends and that’s where the feelings started from. “So after she died we became even closer, go out together, work together on some of the movie scripts mummy left behind and from there, things started going and thank God this is our 12th year together.” Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner