Not many knew that rapper, Reminisce has been married for over a decade. To some people, he was just a single until news went viral that he is happily married with children. But the ‘Baba Hafusa' crooner has explained what has kept his marriage intact. He also disclosed that he fights with his wife many times, but described her as his friend and confidant. He said, "Not many people know that I have been married for over 13 years because I do not announce it. Our relationship worked because we know what we want out of it. "My wife and I fight a lot, we argue every time but she is my friend and I love her a lot. She acts like a man and she is my best friend. We don’t see ourselves as husband and wife. I believe she is the only person I can live with and she is the only one that can look out for me. "I value her opinion because she had been with me before I became popular and she really knows me. She understands my job and knows that I have to do certain things in order to make money." READ ALSO: Jonathan, Sambo, others to declare assets within 30 days Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner