Nollywood actress, Ayo Adesanya is currently celebrating herself for how far she has grown in the make-believe industry. She is celebrating her 20 years in the industry. Going down memory lane, the actress shared one of her foremost pictures when she started off in the industry. She said the picture is one of an audition of a certain movie in which she was well covered up. She captioned the old picture, 'Found me 20 years back. The first day of auditioning for a movie role. Never give up. Never back down. Don't ever look back, just go. But always go to where you are appreciated. A world where you are accepted. Thanks Nigerians for loving what I do.' Minutes later, Adesanya shared a more recent picture of herself and the actress really did change as she said. She showed just more than her transformation as she put her milk factory on the shelf. The second picture has drawn eyes to her chest region as the actress wore a dress with a dangerously plunging neckline and the upper portion of her cleavages are so visible with the caption, 'I wish I could tag you all but I can't do that it will take forever. 20 years still waxing. I am grateful. You have been supportive, I am thankful. You are the best friend and the best fans.' READ ALSO: NLC lambasts David Mark-led Senate; says 46 Bills passed in 10 minutes ‘reckless’ Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner