Despite viral reports that the marriage of controversial actor, Emeka Ike is on the brink of collapse, he stayed mum on the issue. Last week, reports went viral that the wife of the actor, Emma, had filed a suit in a customary court seeking to dissolve her marriage over alleged domestic violence. Even several calls made by to Emeka Ike’s phone number to get his reaction on the issue were not answered or returned. We also went ahead to send a message to him notifying him why we wanted to get in touch with him, but he refused to respond to it. Emeka Ike and his wife have been married for over a decade. She reportedly told the court that, “It was when my husband beat me mercilessly I believed that people truly saw stars whenever they were unconscious. It was my brother who took me to the hospital where I spent two months. “There was also a day I was feeding our last child with tea, my husband, out of anger took the tea and poured it on my head.” She was further quoted in the reports to have said, “Each time we fight, he calls me a witch saying whenever he intends to start a project and he informs me it eventually fails. He also said if he hadn’t married me, I would have become a prostitute. “Since I left, he doesn’t allow me to speak with our first two children asking me to come home if I really want to see them. Even when I was in with him, he leaves home for months on the pretext of different appointments. I can’t face all this anymore. I need help.” your social media marketing partner